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Almost by BetteNoire
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 35
Summary: Bat of the Dungeons, Professor Severus Snape is assigned to watch Gryffindor know-it-all Hermione Granger for the summer holiday.

Are You Nobody, Too? by favoritefullbloodedhawiian
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 26
Summary: A detention gone wrong. Snape unknowingly drags Hermione into a situation she has little hope in surviving, and must deal with his guilt about the torment of such a promising mind.

Bat Out of Hell by Bleddyn
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 2
Summary: Ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Snape agrees to help the Muggle Law Enforcement Liaison Unit. What has he let himself in for?

The Beginning of Truth by Laralee
Rated: W
WIP, updated to chapter 9
Summary: The thunderous sound of multiple Apparitions and rebounding of various hexes and curses assaulted her ears, causing her to momentarily bring her shaking hands to cover them for relief. How had they been found?

Bohemian Vanity by amishgirl281
Rated: K+
WIP, updated to Chapter 34
Summary: Does not fit with 6th or 7th book. After being hit by a curse, Hermione is sent back in time twenty years and you can just guess who she meets. But what will happen when she is forced into a partnership with someone that she never expected?

Bound to Him by georgesgurl117
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 27
Summary: At the behest of Lord Voldemort, Snape is forced to commit an act he finds most undesirable. While working to thwart the dark plot, he must find a way to live with himself and also atone for his actions to the one he hurt. Warning: dark content!

Broken Dreams by onecelestialbeing
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 14
Summary: Post-Hogwarts, Hermione is the Potions Apprentice, and Severus is still Headmaster. If they don't hex each other first maybe they'll find comfort in one another.

Cliché by Alexis.Danaan
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 10
Summary: Eight years after the end of the war Hermione does something that will change her world as she knows it.

A Devil on Her Back by ks51689
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 7
Summary: Inspector Hermione Granger may travel the world, but her job is less than glamorous. Disenchanted with her work, her new assignment brings two surprises which may change her mind: the discovery of a clandestine smuggling ring and, perhaps even more surprising, the appearance of a very much alive Severus Snape.

The Diary of a Somebody by Hannah-1888
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 9
Summary: Another year in the life of a nobody called Severus Snape, only this time, things are looking up.

Enough is enough by Andrea Jacobs
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 21
Summary: Hermione is back at Hogwarts after the defeat of Voldemort, retaking her seventh year. A drain of Hermione's magical resources leads to her getting help from an unexpected source, Snape.

Expectations by DaniCavender
Rated: L
WIP, updated to chapter 10
Summary: When Severus Snape begrudgingly agrees to save Hermione from a fate worse than death, he is quite clear about what he expects of her in return. What he doesn't foresee is the consequences those expectations will have. Loosely based on the WIKTT Marriage Law Challenge.

The Final Forgiveness by ChristinaFay
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 8
Summary: Hermione was cursed back in time and was saved by a young potions master. After knowing all of his secrets, it would be most difficult not to fall in love with the troubled soul behind the mask. Not a marauders era fic.

Heaven or Hell by MsTree
Rated: K+
WIP, updated to chapter 24
Summary: Severus is found alive after the final battle, and the Wizengamot, in their wisdom, sentences him to five years of probation at Hogwarts.

Hermione Granger and the Crystal of Time by Aurette
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 22
Summary: Hermione stumbles upon a conspiracy full of murder, mystery, mayhem, and unending betrayal. Will the man she turns to for help betray her heart? AU/M for reasons.

Hermione's Scream Take II by use2b2t2
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 16
Summary: Re-edit. How did the Dementors come to be? And how is Severus Snape involved? JK hinted that the Dementors were formed by the Ministry. Learn of the story. HG/SS T for now and may change later.

Home at Last by Sharkeygirl
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 27
Summary: Snape yearns for peace in death, but the cosmos has other plans. When he finds himself in the center of a celestial wager, will he decide that love leads to freedom, or will he reject love in favor of solitude?

Like a Sister by snapefan520
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 17
Summary: Hermione leaves the wizarding world for the muggle world, and meets a new friend who eventually leads her to Severus Snape. Friendship, comfort, eventual SS/HG romance. Mostly DH compliant, disregards epilogue.

Limited Exposure by sunny33
Rated: NC-17
WIP, updated to chapter 25
Summary: Hermione needs to find a holiday job to pay her Hogwarts' expenses when she returns after the war. She finds a unique position with an unexpected employer.

The Lucky Ones by TycheSong
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 11
Summary: Hermione must deal with the aftermath of the war and with the other lost souls and broken hearts that have survived it. Life is every bit as hard as war, and growing up has a way of changing both friendships and minds. That's not always a bad thing...

Only when I Sleep by Professor Chrystal-Snape
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 14
Summary: When Severus is poisoned in a revenge attack and left in a deep coma-like sleep where he visits memories of times past, it is up to his apprentice and secret love, Hermione Granger to find a cure before it's too late.

The Self-Writing Parchment by beaweasley2
Rated: L
WIP, updated to chapter 34
Summary: Hermione finds a mysterious piece of self-writing parchment in Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes that writes: 'Tell me your deepest desire.' Thinking it’s a trick, she says, “I wish to see my soul mate?” and she suddenly finds herself at Severus’ feet.

Serpentine by Sorcha Rose
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 13
Summary:Hermione accepts an apprenticeship from Professor Severus Snape for a year. She ends up with more than she bargained for.

Souls of Courage by TwilightNerd
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 39
Summary: Lord Voldemort takes a sudden interest in Harry's friends, and Hermione agrees to do whatever is needed in order to ensure his safety. Snape must give her Occlumency lessons, and is later responsible for her safety.

The Tenant of Lyonesse Hall by lady_rhian
Rated: PG-13
WIP, updated to chapter 9
Summary: Seven years after the Final Battle, Severus Snape has been declared dead, and his property has reverted to the Ministry. Desperate to get away from her deadbeat job, Hermione purchases the Prince manor with the intention of renovating it, inheriting with it a rather forlorn house-elf, empty stables, and a well-stocked library. And, to her surprise, the ghost of one of Snape’s ancestors. Or is it?

The Unspeakable Files: Godspell by AnotherSpoonyBard
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 3
Summary: After the war, Severus and Draco work as Unspeakables, confronting some of the darkest mysteries in the wizarding world. When Draco is hit with an ancient hex, though, it's time to call in some help- from unusual places.

Your Mouth is Poison, Your Mouth is Wine by xpage394x
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 5
Summary: Hermione & Severus gravitate towards each other during Hermione's 7th year.


Humanity by dimplesgirl
Rated: K+
Complete, One Shot
Summary: "Miss Granger, as cruel as you and your friends may think me, there are some things that even I am disgusted by." Set in OotP, AU

Wrong Bettor by TeaOli
Rated: T
Complete in 10 chapters
Summary: Fate is a fallacy. The simplest acts can take you places you'd never predict. In the game of craps we call life, wrong bettors wager against the roll. Inspired by Wildcat's Star Trek fic "A Roll of the Dice." Written & posted with permission.
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