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Almost by BetteNoire
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 26
Summary: Bat of the Dungeons, Professor Severus Snape is assigned to watch Gryffindor know-it-all Hermione Granger for the summer holiday.

Bound to Him by georgesgurl117
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 26
Summary: At the behest of Lord Voldemort, Snape is forced to commit an act he finds most undesirable. While working to thwart the dark plot, he must find a way to live with himself and also atone for his actions to the one he hurt. Warning: dark content!

Chasing The Sun by Loten
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 44
Summary: Hermione only wanted to learn Healing; she discovers that Professor Snape is a human being after all, and his actions dramatically shape the course of the war as events unfold. AU, from Order of the Phoenix onwards.

Fare Thee Well My Faerie Fey by quaffswinegaily
Rated: R
WIP, updated to chapter 17
Summary: While the Golden Trio are on their grand camping trip, someone has to stay home and hold the fort at Hogwarts.

The Final Forgiveness by ChristinaFay
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 3
Summary: Hermione was cursed back in time and was saved by a young potions master. After knowing all of his secrets, it would be most difficult not to fall in love with the troubled soul behind the mask. Not a marauders era fic.

Forgotten by angelicka (hexgirl on Ashwinder)
Rated: C
WIP, updated to chapter 8
Summary: Miss Granger, I have something which belongs to you. If you wish to claim it, my home address is 49 Spinner’s End, Swinton. 8.30p.m on Tuesday would suit me best. Severus Snape.

Heaven or Hell by MsTree
Rated: C
WIP, updated to chapter 19
Summary: Severus is found alive after the final battle and the Wizengamot, in their wisdom, sentences him to five years of probation at Hogwarts.

Hermione Granger and the Crystal of Time by Aurette
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 6
Summary: Hermione stumbles upon a conspiracy full of murder, mystery, mayhem, and unending betrayal. Will the man she turns to for help betray her heart? AU/M for reasons.

Home at Last by Sharkeygirl
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 25
Summary: Snape yearns for peace in death, but the cosmos has other plans. When he finds himself in the center of a celestial wager, will he decide that love leads to freedom, or will he reject love in favor of solitude?

Lay Me Low by Teddy Radiator
Rated: L
WIP, updated to chapter 31
Summary: Severus' anger at Sirius Black's attempts to seduce Hermione raises questions about his own feelings towards her. The past and the present mesh together in a story of protection, betrayal and trust.

Like a Sister by snapefan520
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 12
Summary: Hermione leaves the wizarding world for the muggle world, and meets a new friend who eventually leads her to Severus Snape. Friendship, comfort, eventual SS/HG romance. Mostly DH compliant, disregards epilogue.

Master Snape's Journal by etherian
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 12
Summary: A chronicle of Severus & Hermione's budding romance as related by two Storytellers.

Only when I Sleep by Professor Chrystal-Snape
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 12
Summary: When Severus is poisoned in a revenge attack and left in a deep coma-like sleep where he visits memories of times past, it is up to his apprentice and secret love, Hermione Granger to find a cure before it's too late.
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