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Updates and Sad News

Broken Dreams by onecelestialbeing
Summary: Post-Hogwarts, Hermione is the Potions Apprentice, and Severus is still Headmaster. If they don't hex each other first maybe they'll find comfort in one another. M for later chapters.
Rating: M
Status: WIP updated to Chapter 11

Confluence of Truths by liasis
Summary: Hermione takes an uninvited trip into Severus Snape's Pensieve during her seventh year at Hogwarts. She learns not only of his troubling childhood but also of that of his mother's, Eileen. Hermione becomes engulfed in the memories unfolding in front of her, which include Eileen's involvement with Tom Riddle, Dumbledore, and the Chamber of Secrets, the sacrifice she makes for her son, as well as the greatest secret of all - her identity. This is a story of the extraordinary power of a mother's love, and the love that Hermione herself develops for the most unlikely of people.
Rating: L
Status: WIP upated to Chapter 14

Souls of Courage by TwilightNerd
Summary: Lord Voldemort takes a sudden interest in Harry's friends, and Hermione agrees to do whatever is needed in order to ensure his safety. Snape must give her Occlumency lessons, and is later responsible for her safety. PLEASE give it a chance.
Rating: T
Status: WIP updated to Chapter 36

In Memoriam

The mods and members of the hgss_digest mourn the passing of Livvy6, and our condolences go to her family and friends. She will be missed, and our community has been sadly diminished.

Her stories can be found here:

Harry Potter Fanfiction
The Petulant Poetess
The WIKTT Archives
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