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Bohemian Vanity by amishgirl281
Rated: K+
WIP, updated to Chapter 33
Summary: Does not fit with 6th or 7th book. After being hit by a curse, Hermione is sent back in time twenty years and you can just guess who she meets. But what will happen when she is forced into a partnership with someone that she never expected?

Confluence of Truths by liasis
Rated: L
WIP, updated to chapter 13
Summary: Hermione takes an uninvited trip into Snape's Pensieve. She learns not only of his childhood but also of his mother's years at Hogwarts, knowledge of Voldemort, love for her only son, and greatest secret - her identity. He learns how to love again.

Fare Thee Well My Faerie Fey by quaffswinegaily
Rated: R
WIP, updated to chapter 16
Summary: While the Golden Trio are on their grand camping trip, someone has to stay home and hold the fort at Hogwarts.

Forgotten by angelicka
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 5
Summary: Miss Granger, I have something which belongs to you. If you wish to claim it, my home address is 49 Spinner's End, Swinton. 8.30p.m on Tuesday would suit me best. Severus Snape.

Home at Last by Sharkeygirl
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 21
Summary: Snape yearns for peace in death, but the cosmos has other plans. When he finds himself in the center of a celestial wager, will he decide that love leads to freedom, or will he reject love in favor of solitude?

Only when I Sleep by Professor Chrystal-Snape
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 9
Summary: When Severus is poisoned in a revenge attack and left in a deep coma-like sleep where he visits memories of times past, it is up to his apprentice and secret love, Hermione Granger to find a cure before it's too late.

Phoenix Fire, or Hermione Granger and the Elder Wand by grangerous
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 6
Summary: The battle against Voldemort is over, yet little has returned to normal. Once again, Severus Snape finds himself reluctantly cast as the protector of the wizarding world, with Hermione Granger his tireless ally. Part III of the Phoenix Trilogy.

Severus, Redux by TycheSong
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 4
Summary: A time travel story. When Fifth Year Severus Snape tries to create a forward time traveling philter to prove his worthiness to join Lord Voldemort, he is disappointed to find that his creation is worthless. Or was it?

Unplanned Consequences by Alina Larin
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 5
Summary: Everybody knows that attack is the best form of defence. With the marriage law coming, Hermione Granger decides to strike first. Takes place during the 6th year, slightly AU.

What will change by JellySushiGirl
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 10
Summary: A new law has passed. The war is near and Hermione has to face the reality.

Wrong Bettor by TeaOli
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 9
Summary: Fate is a fallacy. The simplest acts can take you places you'd never predict. In the game of craps we call life, wrong bettors wager against the roll. Inspired by Wildcat's Star Trek fic "A Roll of the Dice." Written & posted with permission.


Heartbeat by grangerous
Rated: K+
Complete, One Shot
Summary: Unspeakable Snape and Unspeakable Granger have a new assignment. Can they stop arguing long enough to save the world?

A Slytherin Condition by iulia_linnea
Rated: PG-13
Complete, One Shot
Summary: Hermione discovers that, under some conditions, all men are alike.

Unquestionable Love by CRMediaGal
Rated: T
Complete in 59 chapters
Summary: 19 years have passed since the Second Wizarding War. Hermione and Severus's world has drastically changed, and their lives are about to come crashing down again.
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