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The Beginning of Truth by Laralee
Rated: W
WIP, updated to chapter 4
Summary: The thunderous sound of multiple Apparitions and rebounding of various hexes and curses assaulted her ears, causing her to momentarily bring her shaking hands to cover them for relief. How had they been found?

Chasing The Sun by Loten
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 39
Summary: Hermione only wanted to learn Healing; she discovers that Professor Snape is a human being after all, and his actions dramatically shape the course of the war as events unfold. AU, from Order of the Phoenix onwards.

Consequences of Meddling With Time by beaweasley2
Rated: L
WIP, updated to chapter
Summary: Hermione Granger is given a Time-Turner and instructions to use it. Only, using a Time-Turner can be a little tricky if not used correctly: a mistake made in counting or a slip of the fingers can make the user jump irregularly, and thus she could accidentally alter her time line. And when such an accident happens, Severus Snape uses Hermione’s Time-Turner in order to fix a horrific wrong. However, it’s his younger self who becomes the one who must ensure that history is not altered.

Daddy LongLegs by etherian
Rated: K+
WIP, updated to chapter 14
Summary: Hermione becomes the ward of an anonymous benefactor after the death of her parents. When she begins to send this benefactor letters, she calls him Daddy Long-Legs because she saw him, almost, just once.

Dismantle : Repair by XTimeGirlX
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 42

Fare Thee Well My Faerie Fey by quaffswinegaily
Rated: R
WIP, updated to chapter 14
Summary: While the Golden Trio are on their grand camping trip, someone has to stay home and hold the fort at Hogwarts.

Hermione Granger and the Anima Damnata by Pen Against Sword
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 4
Summary: A string of shocking, potion-related murders has the brightest witch of her age struggling to catch the culprit. She seeks the help of a familiar Potions Master. There's only one problem with that, though. He's been dead for five years. SSHG, Post-DH.

Home at Last by Sharkeygirl
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 11
Summary: Snape yearns for peace in death, but the cosmos has other plans. When he finds himself in the center of a celestial wager, will he decide that love leads to freedom, or will he reject love in favor of solitude?

I Will Follow You Into The Dark by RooenEnnyte
Rated: M
WIP, updated to Chapter 17
Summary: The Final Battle was won, the war is over. But Hermione Granger is nowhere to be found. After several years with no word, the wizarding world assumes Hermione dead. Save for Severus Snape, who is hellbent on finding out where she is.

Limited Exposure by sunny33
WIP, updated to chapter 23
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Hermione needs to find a holiday job to pay her Hogwarts' expenses when she returns after the war. She finds a unique position with an unexpected employer.

Pride of Time by Anubis Ankh
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 48
Summary: Hermione quite literally crashes her way back through time by roughly twenty years. There is no going back; the only way is to go forward. And when one unwittingly interferes with time, what one expects may not be what time finds...

Souls of Courage by TwilightNerd
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 29
Summary: Lord Voldemort takes a sudden interest in Harry's friends, and Hermione agrees to do whatever is needed in order to ensure his safety. Snape must give her Occlumency lessons, and is later responsible for her safety.

The Story of Us by L_Daemon_07
Rated: L
WIP, updated to chapter 20
Summary: She swore she would not be another burden; another thing for him to think and worry about. She gave him comfort, relief, tenderness; nothing less than that and demanding nothing in return. Canon to B5.

Time's Secret by 1066AndAllThat
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 16
Summary: When Severus Snape meddled with time, he had no idea of the consequences it would have...and neither did Hermione.

Vanity, Thy Name Is Death by The Bard's Daughter
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 23
Summary: They've both survived the war. They've both survived broken hearts. But now that they are together, can Severus and Hermione survive the next crazed wizard intent on world domination?
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