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Anima Mea by Proulxes
Rated: C
WIP, updated to chapter 6
Summary: Archaeologist Hermione Granger has survived the Great War. She has a life, a career and friends who love her. She has also spent the last eleven years trying to locate something that she does not know she has lost. Could the answer to her restlessness be even further away than she thinks?

Bonds of Matrimony by gnrkrystle
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 31
Summary: Voldemort pushes through a marriage law to force Hermione to marry a Deatheater. Can Snape save her, and the cause, by being that Deatheater?

Bride of the Potions Professor by SamusAran
Rated: L
WIP, updated to chapter 45
Summary: Sometimes all it takes to change the world is one small, simple choice. On the night the Death Eaters attack Hogwarts, Hermione Granger makes such a choice. Her life—and her world—will never be the same.

Chasing The Sun by Loten
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 37
Summary: Hermione only wanted to learn Healing; she discovers that Professor Snape is a human being after all, and his actions dramatically shape the course of the war as events unfold. AU, from Order of the Phoenix onwards.

Confluence of Truths by liasis
Rated: L
WIP, updated to chapter 12
Summary: Hermione takes an uninvited trip into Snape's Pensieve. She learns not only of his childhood but also of his mother's years at Hogwarts, knowledge of Voldemort, love for her only son, and greatest secret - her identity. He learns how to love again.

Daddy LongLegs by etherian
Rated: K+
WIP, updated to chapter 13
Summary: Hermione becomes the ward of an anonymous benefactor after the death of her parents. When she begins to send this benefactor letters, she calls him Daddy Long-Legs because she saw him, almost, just once.

Decisions Decisions by priceless2009
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 19
Summary: It's funny how easy it can be to change the future. As long as you follow the rules, well the not being seen one anyway. It's as simple as a dozen turns and a note. At least that's what it took for Hermione Granger to change the future and save a life.

A Devil on Her Back by ks51689
Rated: S
WIP, updated to chapter 5
Summary: Inspector Hermione Granger may travel the world, but her job is less than glamorous. Disenchanted with her work, her new assignment brings two surprises which may change her mind: the discovery of a clandestine smuggling ring and, perhaps even more surprising, the appearance of a very much alive Severus Snape.

Hermione Granger and the Anima Damnata by Pen Against Sword
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 3
Summary: A string of shocking, potion-related murders has the brightest witch of her age struggling to catch the culprit. She seeks the help of a familiar Potions Master. There's only one problem with that, though. He's been dead for five years. SSHG, Post-DH.

Home at Last by Sharkeygirl
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 9
Summary: Snape yearns for peace in death, but the cosmos has other plans. When he finds himself in the center of a celestial wager, will he decide that love leads to freedom, or will he reject love in favor of solitude?

I Will Follow You Into The Dark by RooenEnnyte
Rated: M
WIP, updated to Chapter 16
Summary: The Final Battle was won, the war is over. But Hermione Granger is nowhere to be found. After several years with no word, the wizarding world assumes Hermione dead. Save for Severus Snape, who is hellbent on finding out where she is.

La Chasseresse by livvy6
Rated: NC-17
WIP, updated to chapter 23
Summary: Hermione decides to leave Hogwarts behind and live in the wizarding world by her rules.

Lay Me Low by Teddy Radiator
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 29
Summary: Severus' anger at Sirius Black's attempts to seduce Hermione raises questions about his own feelings towards her. The past and the present mesh together in a story of protection, betrayal and trust.

Lost and Found by Borolin
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 28
Summary: When Snape is tortured and maimed a team inc. Hermione, Neville and a Muggle surgeon battle to save his life and sanity. Angst, friendship, humour, HGSS by whitehound and Dyce.

Magpies and Mulberries by Hephastus
Rated: S
WIP, updated to chapter 6
Summary: A fractious Severus and one Professor Granger clash but join forces when an infectious disease threatens the wizarding world....from the past. Set in an alt universe where Snape survives Voldemort's attack, but Ron and Harry do not.

The Marriage Law by teshara
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 44
Summary: When Hermione Granger and Severus Snape are thrown together by the ill-conceived Marriage Law, no one doubts they'll make a good undercover team for the Order. No one suspects that they'll find mutual respect, love, and a plot to destroy the world.

One Small Bezoar by Moonlit2dreams
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 21
Summary: Ten years have passed since the final battle. Severus has made a life for himself but when he is confronted with an ex-student will he be able to keep that life? The battle didn't just affect Severus but it had consequences that now Severus must face if he wishes to help his former student. If he succeeds he may finally get the family he deserves but should he fail and he will lose more than his soul.

Paradise Lost by Leraiv Snape
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 14
Summary: Having fulfilled Voldemort's bidding in order to protect her, Snape and Hermione must deal with the consequences of their actions, control their magic and find a way to end the war. Second part of the story started in Forbidden Fruit, now completely and irreversibly AU since DH.

Pride of Time by Anubis Ankh
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 47
Summary: Hermione quite literally crashes her way back through time by roughly twenty years. There is no going back; the only way is to go forward. And when one unwittingly interferes with time, what one expects may not be what time finds...

The Quiet Life of Severus Snape by lilypetals
Rated: W
WIP, updated to chapter 15
Summary: In which Severus Snape's death is interrupted by an interfering Hermione Granger, and he harbors quiet animosity for the girl who forced him to live past the war.

The Story of Us by L_Daemon_07
Rated: L
WIP, updated to chapter 19
Summary: She swore she would not be another burden; another thing for him to think and worry about. She gave him comfort, relief, tenderness; nothing less than that and demanding nothing in return. Canon to B5.

Time's Secret by 1066AndAllThat
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 15
Summary: When Severus Snape meddled with time, he had no idea of the consequences it would have...and neither did Hermione.

Two Weeks of Eternity by crz4greece
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 9
Summary: Hermione Granger finds herself entrusted into the care of Professor Severus Snape in the middle of nowhere for two weeks when a plot to use her as bait against her friend Harry Potter arises over the holiday break.

Unexpected Relationships by Angel N Darkness
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 16
Summary: Hermione was hurt after the war by one of the people she trusts most. What happens when two of the men she never thought she would trust are the only ones she trusts now along with a select other few? Will she ever feel safe again or will she give up? AU

Unquestionable Love: A Severus & Hermione Story by CRMediaGal
Rated: T
WIP, updated to chapter 46
Summary: 19 years have passed since the Second Wizarding War. Hermione and Severus's world has drastically changed, and their lives are about to come crashing down again. Epic, lengthy tale with angst, drama, mystery and, most importantly, love. AU/Post-DH

Victory by LDaemon
Rated: M
WIP, updated to chapter 10
Summary: "If a victory is told in detail, one can no longer distinguish it from a defeat." Sartre - The battle is won, but at what cost? AU

Vitae Explicare Memento by sapphire_phoenix
Rated: B
WIP, updated to chapter 5
Summary: Severus sacrificed a great many things ensuring that the Dark Lord fell, most notably his young wife, Hermione. It was to his great surprise that he should find her in a bookshop one day, years later, with no memories whatsoever of him... or their daughter. In search of her past, and perhaps her humanity, can the disaffected Gretchen trust this dark, mysterious man?


Choose Something Like A Star by Teddy Radiator
Rated: W
Complete in 11 chapters
Summary: At Christmas, what do you give to the wizard who has...nothing?

Future of The Dark Lord by use2bt2
Rated: M
Complete in 41 chapters
Summary: Voldemort wins and plans to secure his future by allowing seven to be spared. Severus Snape remained and the Babes of Seven will give Voldemort power in time.

Just to Be by Amarti
Rated: M
Complete in 30 chapters
Summary: Six years after the war, Hermione discovers a neglected and abused population with no place in a post-Voldemort world, and the man who stayed behind to pick up the pieces.
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