Shiv (shiv5468) wrote in hgss_digest,


First off, the sshg_exchange has finished posting.

Secondly, the next exciting thins is

SSHG Prompt Fest

And thirdly,

So, things have been quiet on here because we've been off running the exchange, and now we're not...

We have some choices to make.

Does anyone care about updates at all?

One option we are considering is setting up a ffnet community, which could then turn into a feed into a different community, so we can update quasi automatically. I still read in fandom heavily, and it's the work of a moment to add a story to a community.

So, are we posting into a void, or would people like to see something like that taking the place of this community?

ETA - the alternative is we put this up for adoption.

Double eta - turned off comment screening
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